We’re a community association management company offering personal service married with efficient technology.  We manage Planned Unit Developments anywhere in San Diego County.  We manage high-rise and mid-rise community associations in San Diego City.  We accept "bookkeeping only" associations anywhere in San Diego County.  We are a no nonsense firm that can save you money.  Please continue to read to find out how we do it differently and more cost effectively than your current management company.


Here are some of the features that set us apart:














































OUR NAME and MISSION:  The name ceosd.net comes from “Community Executives of San Diego Network”.  We are executives in the truest sense of the word since we have the primary responsibility to execute the decisions and policies passed by the Boards of Directors of the various community associations we manage.  In setting up our business we first thought of a typical letterhead like:


Letterhead NOT selected_reversed.jpg


But we decided to keep it simple and we incorporated with our initials only.  So our trade name is ceosd.net  and our corporate name is CEOSD INC.  We manage Community Associations:  condominium associations, townhome associations and planned unit developments.  Here's where we operate:

      We specialize in mid-rise and high-rise condominiums close to our uptown office so we can be on-site in just a few minutes (in  the downtown and uptown communities of Little Italy, Cortez Hill, Bankers Hill, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, Mission Valley, Middle Town, Golden Hills and North Park).  Thus we can provide almost immediate and personal response to problems on-site and without charging mileage costs to the Association.  It’s like having an on-site manager, but at a portfolio manager price. 

     For planned unit developments we provide no-nonsense management services anywhere in San Diego County.  On-site office hours can be arranged.





COMMUNICATIONS:  All communications on behalf of your Association are sent under the Association’s letterhead or email address rather than the management company.  Each association is given a separate letterhead, logo, email address, telephone extension, fax portal and web site.  Newsletters are printed on industrial-strength color printers on high quality 28 lb super bright paper.  Newsletters are sent by email blast to all owners and non-owner residents.  We can produce in-house tabloid size (11x17) signs and newsletters and our own laminated signage.  Emergency notifications are made via a emergency system capable of simultaneously calling all owners and residents within a very few minutes.   Emails to your Association are directed to both your manager and assistant manager.  Phone calls to your Association’s extension are directed first to your manager and then to your assistant manager.  If neither one are available the voice mail goes to both the manager and assistant manager.  If immediate attention is required, callers may stay on the line for personal attention by a live person during business hours rather than an automated attendant.  If our phone system fails we have an emergency line that by-passes our phone system and is answered by an off-site dispatch center who can page the on-call manager.  We can also provide direct inward dialing so that your association can have a unique telephone number, with your choice of area code, so that your number is answered with the name of your association.  Unlike many other management C0052.JPGcompanies we do NOT charge for incoming or outgoing phone calls, incoming or outgoing faxes, nor for incoming or outgoing emails.  Our main telephone number is toll free as a convenience to out-of-town owners and our number is toll free from anywhere in the world via Skype.   We offer free conference calls for Association business.  Board Members who are out-of-town may “call it in” and attend Board Meetings by phone using our in-house conference call capability.




ANSWERING SERVICE.  While each association has a dedicated extension number to go directly to your manager, we also have an emergency extension (711) that rings all managers.  After hours this emergency extension is forwarded to our answering service.  In case our phone system fails, owners and residents may call our answering service directly at 619.298.4170.  This information is prominently displayed on our website and on each association’s web site.   Our answering service  is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  One of our man­agers is always accessible for emer­gencies through the answering service.  We have been using the same high quality answering service since 1980.






CORRESPONDENCE.  Some management companies send out all correspondence under their letterhead.  ceosd.net  sends out all correspondence on the letterhead of the Association.





NEWSLETTERS & NOTICES.  We believe that associa­tions should have a regular communications with Owners and Residents.  When necessary, we type, proof, print, post, and distribute newsletters and notices.  We routinely send copies to non‑owner Residents in addition to Owners in order to help build a sense of community and to help distribute Association News.  We have high quality digital cameras and color printers in order to enhance the appearance of newsletters and notices.  Communications are sent by email whenever possible.  Emergency notices are sent by text message and/or voice message via an automated dialing system that can notify all owners and residents within a few minutes.  This emergency notification system is provided at no additional charge.






BOARD MEETINGS via CONFERENCE CALLS:   The Conference Room at ceosd.net is set up with a special conference phone and our in-house phone system is capable of bridging conference calls at no additional cost to Associations.  We also offer video web conferencing for up to fifty participants so that meeting participants can see one another.  Web conferencing is also offered at no additional charge to our Associations.  Directors do not have to be physically present to attend Board Meetings held at the management company office. 






RELATIONSHIPS:  We believe the Board of Directors should set policy, establish standards and pass the Budget.   The management company should then execute the policies and maintain the property within the Standards and Budget of the Association.  We try to avoid having Board Members bothered with routine problems that can be handled by applying policies that have already been established by the Board.






FACILITY and PLANT:  We are located in the center of Uptown on 5th Avenue.   Many owners drop off their assessment payments in person during office hours due to our convenient location.   We have a conference room available for Board Meetings.  The conference room is equipped with a large computer screen that can show real-time financial information and job status.  The conference room is equipped with a special conference phone and our phone system has conference call capability useful for allowing out-of-town Board Members to participate in Board Meetings.  We are located on the 2nd Floor of the California Bank & Trust which provides for convenient association banking service and allows us to avoid courier fees to the bank.  Please visit our well-equipped and highly-organized office and compare it with any other management huge-stack-of-papersfirm.  If the management office is disorganized and piled with papers and boxes, your association’s affairs will undoubtedly be similarly disorganized. 






FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING:   We prepare easy to understand straight-forward Financial Statements backed up with comprehensive General Ledgers.  Every transaction is supported by scanned documents (invoices, receipts), filed by transaction number, that can be easily emailed to Members with questions.  Accounts Receivable are posted at least twice a week.  Vendors are paid at least once per week Most other management companies pay only twice a month but we believe in taking care of vendors by quickly paying routine invoices.  There is no extra charge for the preparation of emergency checks.







FINANCIAL STATEMENTS and LEDGERS are complete, timely and accurate.  Supporting documents for each entry in the financial records are cross-referenced to the General Ledger by a transaction number making the books easy to audit.  Year-to-date and prior year ledgers are available immediately on request.  All financial records are scanned, digitally archived and posted to a password protected page of the Association’s website in order to eliminate paper archives.








MC900054870[1]ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE.  Monthly Billing.  ceosd.net sends out month­ly statements to each owner.  This regular reminder pays for the time and postage involved by bring­ing in funds promptly.  This results in fewer delin­quencies and lessens the need for costly legal action.  The owner's previous payment and check number appears on the state­ment with the date re­ceived by ceosd.net.  Complete detail of any balance forward amount is immediately avail­able to the owner or the board on request.  Owners receive a preaddressed reply coupon and a security return envelope.  Statements usually contain re­minders about future meetings and other important informa­tion.   We mail out our own statements which allows us to insert newslet­ters, flyers and other "mail outs" without incurring additional postage.  Owners of more than one unit in the same association receive all of their state­ments in one envelope.  Checks from owners are made payable to the Association's separate checking account.







MICR.jpgACCOUNTS PAYABLE.  ceosd.net carefully monitors and punctually pays all vendor payments, insur­ance premiums, and other payables.  The association manager must approve in­voices and at least two managers or two board members (at board’s discretion) must sign all checks.  While other management companies pay bills only twice per month, ceosd.net pays invoices for all associations at least once per week in order to keep your vendors happy.







AUDITS and FINANCIAL REVIEWS.  Auditors love our preparation.  Financial Statements are clear and year-to-date General Ledgers are backed up by original documents that are MC900053613[1]digitally filed by transaction number.  All documents are provided to the Auditor on disk.  Associations enjoy lower audit fees from auditors familiar with our straight-forward self-documenting system.  The audit must be independent of the management company and the Board of Directors.  We welcome the opportunity to have our work examined by the auditor of your choice.









MC900440380[1]BANKING:  Reserve Funds may be placed in the association’s financial institution of choice.  Operating Funds are placed in a bank selected by the management company.  Unlike most other management companies, ceosd.net does not accept “kick backs” from banks in the form of third party payments.  Banks for Operating Funds are selected for the services they provide to our association clients.  BANK ACCOUNTS.  There is no commin­gling of funds.  Each Associa­tion has a separate Operations Fund checking account in addition to separate Reserve Fund ac­count(s).  Only the Board of Directors has signature authority over the Reserve Fund accounts and the management company cannot authorize fund transfers between Reserve and Operating Accounts.  Two persons must sign each check.  Boards may want to put additional re­stric­tions on cash dis­burse­ments and we will be happy to work out specific details.  We utilize a bank that specializes in HOAs and provides ACH and other banking services at no charge and no analysis fees saving our associations significant money each month.






CONFLICTS of INTEREST:   Bribes and kickbacks are rife in the property management and association management business.  We don’t do it.  We are management only.  We have no in-house landscaping, nor painting, nor handy-man service.  We do have experienced vendors who serve other associations.  We do not require associations to use any particular vendor.  We do not take kickbacks from vendors.  We do not charge vendors a participation/qualification fee.







AGENDAS.  ceosd.net  will prepare a proposed agenda for each board meeting and each membership meeting and then revise it as the Board desires.  Agenda docket items will be cross-clipboardreferenced to the management report by job number.   Our agendas include estimated times for each docket item in order to help keep meetings short and efficient. 






FOLLOW UP.  Most complaints about management companies seem to focus on a lack of follow‑up on small problems.  ceosd.net  uses MONDO CONDO Software to track problems.  followup.jpgEach problem, tasking, or com­plaint receives a serialized job number.  We log all progress on that job in the system under the same job number.  We include the status of each job in the periodic written Management Report furnished to the Board of Directors.  Meeting Minutes and Meeting Agendas are also cross-referenced to the job number.






FILES for JOBS.  A digital file is created for each job, repair, purchase and/or tasking from the Board.  We organize job files by serial number that are referenced in our written Management Report.  In addition this same number is cross-referenced in the Agenda as a docket number and shown in the filesBLK.gifMinutes and Ledgers in order to help track accountability.  We provide this same number to vendors so that the Association’s Job Number becomes the vendor’s purchase order number. 





FILES for FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS.  We scan all supporting stackeddocuments for each financial transaction and file this information by the transaction number (folio number).  This number is noted on each line of the General Ledger. 




MANAGEMENT REPORTS.  We provide written management reports (via email) to the Board of Directors periodical­ly.  In these com­prehen­sive reports we address each area of our re­spon­sibility, discuss current problems and offer recommended solu­tions.  We also provide notes to the financial state­ments and budget, relate all significant communications with owners and vendors, and report on all previous tasking from the Board. 







MINUTES.  Your ceosd.net manager will record, type, and post your minutes on your web site.  Minutes will mailed to any owner who insists on “snail” mail. 







escrow logo invertedESCROWS.  The Civil Code provides that information shall be provided to the seller within ten days of a request.  Our standard at ceosd.net is to provide the required information to the seller (via escrow) within one business day.  Escrow company procedures are available by clicking here. 







INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.  ceosd.net 's in‑house computer system keeps track of the Association's informa­tion.  This includes accounts receiv­able, delinquencies, vendors, financial statements, ledgers, parking as­sign­ments, vehicle licenses, keys, telephone lists, and emergency contact informa­tion.  Lists of owners and/or non‑owner residents are available as labels, envel­opes, or inside addresses for personal­ized letters.  We believe we keep track of much more information than most manage­ment com­panies.  This can prove invaluable in case of an emergency.  For example: we keep track of home and office telephone numbers for non­‑owner resi­dents as well as owners.  We record if resi­dents have left a spare key with a neighbor or light_bulbrelative.  We keep track of emergency contact information for friends or relatives.  ceosd.net periodically sends all owners and residents a confirma­tion form to ensure the information we have is accurate. 






PAPERLESS OFFICE:   Virtually everything is digitized in our office and has been since 2003.  We don’t lose files since the file is never out of its digital folder.  Our management proposals presume that every member of the Board of Directors of Association has email since Agendas, Interim Financial Reports, Management Reports, Vendor Contracts and Bids, and all Invoices and other documentation will be exchanged by email and/or posted to the association’s web site.  There is no need for file cabinets, storage boxes or File_Cabinet_red line.PNGstorage fees.  All documents are instantly retrievable.  We save Associations enormous amounts of money by posting Financial Statements, Audit Reports, Reserve Studies and Annual Disclosures on their website instead of incurring printing and mailing and supply costs.  We will print and mail items on request by owners, but in our experience this is rarely requested.  Incidentally, our printing and supply charges are the lowest in the industry.




webs.icoWEB SITES:   ceosd.net has established a policy of providing every association a unique web site.  There is no extra charge for our Staff maintaining your web site.  There is a small $5 per month hosting fee (other management companies charge $40 to $200 per month for this service).  We will furnish a free generic domain name or secure a custom domain name for your association at cost.  All of our Staff has been trained to upload your Newsletters and Minutes and Announcements to your web site.  Your Governing Documents will be posted to your web site for free use by the Members, Residents and prospective purchasers.  Other management companies have high fees for providing these public documents.  We believe that your Association is better served by having wide distribution of your Rules, CC&Rs and other Governing Documents.   On the other hand, Minutes, Financial Statements, and Insurance Policies will be placed on a password protected site for Members only to prevent web search engines from indexing and displaying personal Member information contained in these documents.  We can generate password protected web pages for Board Members consisting of vendor contracts, calendar of preventive maintenance and management dates, draft budgets, paint and finish specifications, equipment manuals and warranties, plans/blueprints, and other plant and equipment information that will help the Board perform their oversight responsibilities.





POSTAGE, COPIES, SUPPLIES and other ADD-ON FEES.  Our images.jpgcopy charges are only 11 cents per copy.  Other management companies soak your Association with charges of 15 or even 20 cents per copy.  We charge 27 cents per copy for full color copies using premium 28 lb paper while other companies use outside vendors charging 50 cents per color copy or more.  Our supply charge is a very reasonable 45 cents per unit per month while our competitors charge triple and up to ten times as much.  Postage is charged at cost plus a 5% surcharge.  Our printers and postage meter have built-in accounting meters to accurately record charges to each association.  We do not charge for routine phone calls.  We do not have a surcharge for cell phones.  Web site hosting is only $5 per month.  Web site maintenance is at no additional cost.  Did you receive a 55 page Annual Disclosure package last year?  It's no wonder when your management company is charging so much for each copy, which then requires a huge postage bill to mail all of the copies to each owner.  Contrast that with ceosd.net's policy of sending three or four double-sided pieces of paper with hyperlinks to all of the documents on the Association's web site.  We offer to print all of the documents for anyone who does not have a computer.  This one policy alone can save an association hundreds of dollars per year.  Compare the add-on charges of your current management company with ceosd.net's fair policy.






MC900440398[1]AWARDS PROGRAM.  Community Associations are dependent on the volunteer efforts of its members. We can assist associa­tions in setting up, maintaining, and budgeting for a com­prehensive awards program to recognize the efforts of the volunteers.






KISS.   We try to keep it simple.  We will not bother the Board with "nickel and dime" decisions.  We use email whenever possible to speed up com­munica­tions.  We try to resolve disputes with practical solutions and personal contact, rather than with attorneys, fines, and for­mality. 







DATA BACKUP:   Since we’re virtually “paperless”, data backup is Virtualization-and-Data-Backup-Restore-Basics.pngcritical.  Data is initially written to redundant drives on our servers so it is instantaneously backed up.  We perform backups every hour to separate network storage device located in a fireproof safe.  We then backup data to an off-site server every night.







STAFF.  We are fortunate to have a staff of truly nice people heart2who are committed to service.  We are a small firm and we are proud of the level of service we provide to owners and residents. 








HISTORY of our firm.   We have been in business since 1973 starting as a tax and bookkeeping firm.  We started managing condos in 1978 at the request of our tax clients.   In 2011 we incorporated as CEOSD INC. (dba ceosd.net) and spun off the tax and bookkeeping firm as a separate entity. 










INSURANCE and BONDING.   State Farm Insurance Company carries the insurance for ceosd.net.    Our agent is Ken Olson, telephone 619.475.8883.







FEES:  Our fees are within the guidelines published in the MC900434663[1]California Department of Real Estate Operating Cost Manual for Homeowner Associations.  We save the Associations money by helping find cost-effective vendors and not charging high add-on fees for printing, supplies, phone calls, mileage, faxes, Governing Documents, web sites, etc.









DON’T GET SCREWED with management contracts containing in-house maintenance and landscaping.  These contracts should be considered unethical.  The large national companies offer management as a lost leader while making their profits with their landscaping and maintenance divisions and the undisclosed fees they require from vendors.  A City Manager who contracted with herself for a landscaping contract on a city park would be considered unethical . . . why should an Association Manager be any different?  Are your Association Directors being treated to lavish Holiday Parties?  Are your vendors required to pay to become certified to work with your management company?  Are your managers being frequently replaced with young inexperienced people?  Are you being charged ridiculous prices for “add-ons” in addition to the monthly management fee?  Look at the charges for copies, phone calls, faxes, websites, escrows, scanning, and supplies.  Call us!  Ask for a proposal.  Compare.










PROPOSALS:  We would be pleased to prepare a proposal for your Community Association.  After a short visit to your Association and interview with Board Members, we will provide a very specific contract proposal for your consideration, staff resumes, sample reports and references.